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Why Hellerup Life Coach?

"In a unique way, with a calm and awaken mind, Henrik creates a safe and growth suited room. Here I get offered a seat, and helped to feel and understand a little more of myself, for every time we meet. "

Ole Dahl Mansfeld
Solution architect at GRUNDFOS

"I have been acquainted with Henrik since 2012, where we enrolled at the ID-Academy as psychotherapist students of Integral Psychology. The study implies among others, that we practise as therapists on each other; and Henrik's courage, tranquility, curiosity, honesty - and, not least, his quest for knowledge of the ways of the mind and the soul, has always be fascinating to witness. To this comes that Henrik is a truly good friend and colleague with a special talent for listening and coaching. Henrik exudes confidence and commitment to helping other people by way of his professional as well as personal competencies. I have no doubts that the course of life that Henrik has chosen - as a counsellor, coach and therapist will show rewarding and fruitful to both Henrik and his clients."

Ulla Skram
Consultant and Coach at Marselisborg – Center for Development, Competences & Knowledge

"Henrik is a good person with the heart at the right place and therefore a good professional with the right values and good competences in NLP- and Hypnosis-treatments. I know him as our student in the Hypnosis Institute, where he has learned these effective tools and would like to recommend him as a competent and responsible therapist."

Ludmila Frolova
Director, Visionary Entrepreneur, Experienced Executive in Hypnose Instituttet, ICC Coach Trainer, NLP Master Trainer

Personal Life Goals Course

Overcome your obstacles and get momentum!

Sessions & Topics

Vision & Direction

What are your Life goals? Most don’t know or at least not very clearly. A typical starting session could be to get more clarity on what your life goals are. Getting more precise goals is needed for you to start achieving them. 

Even when we know our life goals its often not so easy to achieve them. Thats often due to the habits we have, obstacles from limiting patterns, unconscious parts or other things getting in the way so that we do not succeed. 

Momentum & Flow

Momentum towards your life goals will come from the work with awareness, pattern disruption, change and integration to daily life. You will then start mastering it by principles matching you. 

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